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Helen is a content marketing specialist at Act-On Software, storyteller, runner and coffee fanatic. When she doesn't have her head stuck in a book, you can find her exploring Portland with her pup Mocha.

Tips for Building Better Landing Pages blog

Tips for Creating a Landing Page That Generates Conversions

Follow these tips to create landing pages that generate qualified conversions and interested buyers.


Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement

Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement

This blog post walks you through 3 ways to use video marketing to improve engagement - including customer reviews, webinars, and live streaming.


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How Insurance Marketers Can Distribute Content Using Marketing Automation

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Insurance Policyholder Retention

Marketing Automation for Insurance Policyholder Retention

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Marketing Automation Compliance

Use Marketing Automation to Ensure Wealth Management Compliance

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5 tips for customer event success

5 Tips to Help Make Your Next Customer Event a Success

These 5 tips for a successful customer event will help you improve registrations, engagements, attendees, and retention to maximize ROI.


Strategies for Large and Distributed Teams

3 Ways Large and Distributed Teams Can Improve Their Marketing

This blog will equip you with effective strategies that will help your large and distributed team centralize, streamline, and improve their marketing efforts.