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David Fowler serves as Act-On Software's Head of Digital Compliance and Industry Relations. He has over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, including the last twelve years strictly focused on the issues associated with the digital channel including, email marketing, deliverability, social media, mobile, integrated marketing, marketing automation and digital privacy compliance. David is a seasoned speaker, and email deliverability and privacy consultant with national and international engagements that include: Online Trust Alliance (OTA and Board Member), Email Services and Provider Coalition (ESPC and Board Member), International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), InBox East and West, Inbox/Outbox – London, American Marketing Association, Messaging and Anti Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) – US and EU, TRUSTe, Privacy and American Business and the Email Insider Summit. 

 Prior to joining Act-On, David held US- and European-based senior management positions focused on Deliverability, Email Privacy, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Product Management with such companies as MarketFish, Lyris Technologies, Blue Hornet / Digital River, Yesmail, XO Communications, KPNQwest, Qwest Communications, Electric Lightwave, GST Telecom and MCI. Reach him on Twitter: @oregonlimey

Seven Best Practices for Building and Growing a Subscriber List

In order to have a successful email marketing program, you must first build a solid subscriber list. Check out these best practices for…
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Is It Time for a Pay-to-Play Email “Stamp”?

As the email ecosystem evolves, and ISPs get swallowed by telecoms, will we move to a pay-to-play email distribution system? What would that…
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Why Hasn’t the US Adopted Opt-In? It’s Time for a Rethink.

CAN-SPAM doesn’t do enough to protect US consumers – or US commerce. Especially given the coming changes in EU digital laws, it’s time…
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Back to School – Let’s Keep Our Kids Safe Online

92% of teens go online daily, and kids as young as 3 are online, exposed to all the wonders (& dangers) of the…
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What Happens to the Yahoo! Mail Inbox Now That Verizon Bought Them?

Yahoo, we hardly knew ya. Now that Verizon has swallowed another Internet service provider in addition to AOL…what will happen to the Yahoo!…
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Rethink Marketing Automation – for the CASL-Compliant Marketer

Marketing to Canadians? There are some great ways to grow your bottom line with marketing automation – that don’t infringe on CASL regulations.
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The Perils of Email List Buying – Rookie Mistakes 101

Politics is a window on marketing. The Donald Trump campaign made rookie email errors, starting with buying lists - a classic example of…
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Keep Calm and Email On: What the Success of Brexit Means to Marketers

Brexit won; Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Learn what will this mean for marketers who work in and with the…
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Protect Yourself & Your Clients from Identity & Data Theft

Types of data theft and misuse your organization needs to guard against, and a list of actions you can take to prevent trouble.
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How a Baker’s Dozen Years Changed Email & Deliverability

When email was being developed as a channel, it was all about the technology. In the last 13 years, have we made progress…
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Just What is a Privacy Shield Exactly, and Is It Painful?

If you market to the EU, you know that the EU data handling requirements are changing. Here’s a look at the upcoming stringent…
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How Email Marketing Campaigns are Like the U.S. Elections

Your buyers have a lot in common with voters: Both have choices, and both must be wooed with finesse. Learn how email marketing…
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Brexit and the Digital Landscape – What Can You Expect?

On June 23, 2016 the UK will vote to stay in – or leave – the European Union. What will this mean for…
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DIGITAL INSIGHTS: Consider the Email Experience Council

David Fowler attended the Email Experience Council’s annual event (in New Orleans this year). Learn all about what he saw at this year's…
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Do You Market to Countries in the EU? The Safe Harbor Agreement has Been Struck Down; This May Affect You

Editor’s Note: The rules and regulations in the United States about how companies manage and protect people’s private data are different from the…