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Anna Muehlenhaupt is a freelance writer for Act-On's Marketing Action blog; a medical education grants manager by day, she has extensive experience in demystifying and translating complex knowledge for improved comprehension.

Marketing Automation for the New Buyer’s Journey

Learn how marketing automation is giving marketing teams the insight they need to track their buyer's journey and provide meaningful interactions throughout.
Financial Business

Marketing Challenges in Regulated Industries, Part 2: Finance and Public Companies

Marketers in highly regulated industries such as finance are constricted by government regulations; public companies have additional unique problems.

Marketing Challenges in Regulated Industries, Part 1: Pharma & Alcohol/Tobacco

Marketing is an ever-evolving combination of science and art, made more complex by the introduction of social media. This is especially true in…

4 Ways to Optimize Email for Your Buyers

The resurgence of email marketing means more opportunity for email marketers – so how can you optimize your email marketing campaigns to take…

The Resurgence of Email Marketing

When Facebook added inline advertising as part of its venture into the public stock market in 2012, it seemed like email marketing was…