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Agency’s Web Traffic Jumps by 400%

Agency’s Web Traffic Jumps by 400%

Agency’s Web Traffic Jumps by 400%

Traffic_Light_TreeLet’s say there’s a digital agency with 15 years of success, a stellar reputation for connecting people to brands, and a comfortably flowing revenue stream.

Does it rest on its laurels, or does it focus on the next level of online marketing capability?

circle S Studio – a premier marketing and design firm – chose the latter, tapping into the power of marketing automation to further strengthen its capabilities and keep the competition at bay.

And they did.

The platform they chose: Act-On.

Find out why in a new case study, including how Act-On helped circle S increase its lead generation and content marketing, get new clients, and help its own clients successfully meet the challenges of multiple channels.

Our mantra is we want to be our own best case study. We use our own funnel to show people exactly how we’re using Act-On; I think it gives us a lot of credibility.
– Tim Asimos, VP and Director of Digital Innovation, circle S Studio

Here’s a peek:

Why Act-On? 

  • 400% increase in web traffic. More traffic means more leads … and more wins. Act-On’s combination of capabilities, including one-click custom landing page creation and website visitor tracking, has amplified the agency’s content marketing efforts – measurably  and profitably.
  • Seamless support for creativity. Instead of burdening clients with the technology behind the curtain, circle S is does the management, focusing on how to optimize the client’s brand and revenues.
  • Increased efficiency, increased savings. Act-On’s consolidated functionality – including email, lead generation, lead tracking, social media, and metrics – means clients can replace existing programs, which not only streamlines operations, it saves money.

Find Out More 

Read the case study to find out how Act-On is delivering positive results for circle S and its clients.

Read the Case Study


Image “Pierre Vivant's sculpture, Traffic Light Tree in the Docklands, London” by William Warby, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



Monique Torres is a senior writer for Act-On Software and regular contributor to the Act-On Marketing Action blog. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry, with a focus on digital marketing and market research for high-tech.

  • bri44any

    Wow! Great case study. 400% increase in website traffic is impressive.

  • Thomas Craft

    Nice case study. I would recommend downloading the full case study to anyone who will listen, good data.

    • bri44any

      Someone there said that they’d been with Act-On for a while and had seen their growth. What struck me was that even with Act-On’s rapid growth, they must be handling it extremely well internally, because there’s been no drop in quality or in customer service, and that’s really impressive. Many businesses fail during rapid growth because they aren’t set up to handle it. These guys seem to have a class act together.