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Buyer Persona Basics


“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella, who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas

Persona: More Than A Movie


“Persona” is a term that’s gotten very popular in marketing in the last few years. In ancient Latin, the word meant “mask.” It may have evolved from the Etruscan personare (“to sound through”), which referring to the theatrical wooden mask

Webinar Recap: Five Key Insights for Buyer Personas


We were recently pleased to present a webinar titled Buyer Personas: The Five Insights Every Marketer Needs to Nail, featuring Buyer Persona Institute President, Adele Revella and Act-On Software CMO, Atri Chatterjee as presenters. This webinar focused on buyer personas

Bootstrap Buyer Persona Building in 4 Steps


“Buyer, Buyer, Buyer.” You can’t take to two steps in any direction in the marketing thought leadership landscape without hearing how important and central the buyer is, and how important it is to develop a “buyer centric” approach to demand

“Why” is the Marketer’s Secret Sauce: 5 Buyer Persona Insights


Do you know why buyers choose your products, solutions and services? Or why they don’t? If your answers resemble this: “Meh.” “Ummm, kinda. I hope.’ “Yeah, I think so. Maybe.” … it’s a good bet that your marketing content is

An Act-On Conversation: Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee Talk Demand Generation, Part 1


Recently I had the opportunity to moderate an Act-On Conversation on demand generation. The Conversationalists, Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee, defined demand generation and talked about how personas, sales and marketing alignment, and content marketing are a trifecta for successful

How to Make Audience Segmentation Truly Personal


Companies that use content marketing already know that the more gated content you have, the more content conversions you will get. In fact, in a recent study we ran at BrightInfo, we found out that for every 10% increase in