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5 Social Media Don’ts

5 Social Media Don’ts

5 Social Media Don’ts

D'uh by Striatic unsharpened 2xLet’s face it: when it comes to social media, we’ve all probably posted a message with a word spelt incorrectly or used incorrect grammar and punctuation. If it’s from your personal account that’s (usually) excusable – but if you’re posting on behalf of your company, typos are a major problem. Always double-check your spelling and punctuation of words, even in an informal setting such as Twitter or Facebook. Each time you post a message with a spelling error or incorrect grammar, you are doing your business a disservice – when a company issues a post with errors, it loses credibility and trust.

Poor spelling or grammar might be the most common, but it’s not the only “what not to do” when it pertains to managing your company’s social media. We’ve outlined five additional Don’ts for you to keep in mind when managing social media for your company:

1)     Don’t let your employees @reply or engage with reporters and/or analysts. This should be handled by the PR department. That said, it’s okay to have your employees retweet an analyst or reporter if they posted an article about your company or industry.

2)     Don’t retweet negative posts about competitors’ mishaps. This can be perceived as tacky, and you do not want this to be done to you.

3)     Don’t post messages related to customer numbers, revenue or deals won, unless already publicly highlighted in a press release.

4)     Don’t get snarky, rude or argumentative with any potential prospect, customer/partner, competitor employee, or lost opportunity. Always take the high road.

5)     Don’t forget that you represent your company anywhere you go, even online. Be professional, resourceful and use discretion when posting via social.

Guidelines are helpful in addition to using your best judgment to determine what is and is not appropriate when managing your company’s social media, but the list doesn’t stop here. Please share with us some of your favorite Don’ts by leaving a comment below.


Photo credit: Du’h by Striatic, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.


Paige Musto is Director of Communications at Act-On Software. She brings over 12 years of experience in public relations, marketing and social media for high technology companies in the IT Security and SaaS industries. In this position she heads up all PR/AR and Social Media programs, driving the company’s brand and product awareness as well as leveraging social media to optimize lead generation. Prior to joining Act-On, Paige was Manager, Public Relations at NetSuite (NYSE: N) where she drove corporate, channel and partner PR and thought leadership programs, as well as established the company’s social media program. Paige has held various communication roles at companies including VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN), Check Point Software (NASDAQ: CHKP), and RSA, the security division of EMC (NYSE: EMC). Paige holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication from the University of California at Davis and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing Management from California State University-East Bay. In her spare time, Paige enjoys shopping, reading and watching sports—Go Niners!