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5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master

5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master

Will you be in New Orleans next week for the annual conference of the American Marketing Association (AMA)? If so, and if keeping up with the changes in SEO is high on your agenda, then don’t miss our own Martin Laetsch’s presentation, “5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master.” Martin’s background includes launching and leading Intel’s search marketing group, which involved managing 37,000 keywords in 650 campaigns and 13 languages, generating scores of millions of clicks over a decade.

Martin’s going to address the current hot issues in SEO (such as Google authorship and responsive design) and beat a few dead horses (nix the exact match anchor text). For a quick overview check out this infographic:

SEO infographic


Monique Torres is a senior writer for Act-On Software and regular contributor to the Act-On Marketing Action blog. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry, with a focus on digital marketing and market research for high-tech.