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Align Marketing and Sales

Connect Act-On to Your CRM to Bridge the Gap and Gain Sales Cycle Visibility

When your CRM connects seamlessly with your marketing automation platform, your data comes to life — driving higher open, engagement, and conversion rates. Act-On has the most (and the most powerful) native CRM integrations of any marketing automation platform.

84% of companies

believe a CRM system is beneficial in determining the quality of leads


Prioritize Your Leads to Focus on the Best Opportunities

Integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM aligns your marketing and sales teams and provides the tools and resources you need to score, nurture, track, convert, and close leads.


Arm Your Sales Team for More Productive Conversations

Without ever having to leave the CRM, Act-On enables Sales to view a complete engagement history (emails opened, web pages visited, content downloaded, and more) directly from the lead or contact record. This leads to more meaningful conversations, more closed deals, and more revenue.


Easily Identify and Target Hot Prospects

With Hot Prospects built into their CRM view, Sales no longer has to ask “Who should I call first?” Now Sales has a list of their most engaged leads available at all times.


Drive Sales Productivity

Immediately transfer hot leads to Sales the moment they’re captured, and place those who need a little more love into nurturing programs. Act-On forms are tied directly to your CRM so you can specify where leads are assigned with the flip of a switch.


Maximize Engagement with Personalization

Act-On gives you the tools to activate and personalize your CRM data. With just a click, Sales can deliver custom messages tailored to each prospect and drive them to the most compelling content.


Seize Valuable Opportunities with Account-Based Marketing

Integrating your CRM with Act-On allows your sales team to gain complete visibility into each prospective account from a single view — including all stakeholders, the company’s industry and revenue, and much more! You can also create target account views to ensure that you’re pursuing prospects that match your ideal customer profiles.


Sounds pretty great, right?

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