Lead Scoring

Identify Your Sales-Ready Leads

Lead scoring is a form of communication in which leads tell YOU when they’re ready to buy. It’s a key win of marketing automation, giving you a way to evaluate where leads are in the funnel and apply nurturing effectively. Learn how to do it well with our best practices.

Workbook: A 5-Step Guide for Creating a Lead Scoring Program


Not all leads are created equal. Some are ready to buy right now, some will likely be ready soon, and some are just entering the funnel. So how do you know which leads are hot and which are not? That’s easy – use lead scoring.Want to create a lead scoring program of your own? Our 5-step workbook gives you everything you need to get started.

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Best Practices for Setting Up a Lead Scoring System

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In this report, Matt provides eight steps to implement a lead scoring system. Joining him is The Funnelholic' Craig Rosenberg, who offers his advice and top tips for augmenting your lead scoring method.

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Best Practices in Segmentation

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Use segmentation to encourage engagement and raise response rates. Improve your marketing by targeting your campaigns to segments, rather than blasting the same campaign out to all prospects. Learn how.

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Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Lead Scoring

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In the following guide, we'll explain seven foundational steps your company can take to set up a functional and cost-effective lead scoring strategy. These include understanding the fundamentals of lead scoring; learning how to identify the traits that define your ideal sales prospects; and building a system that will grow with your organization over time.

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Case Study

Learn how PeopleHR, a UK based software company that provide lightning fast cloud-based software systems for human resources (HR) professionals, went from an overload of leads to record breaking revenue in a few short months.