Forms & Landing Pages

Drive Engagement and Increase Conversion

Landing pages are THE place where leads convert. That makes them one of the most important tools that a company can use for its sales and marketing efforts = which means you have to make sure they’re really effective. Learn how easy Act-On makes it to build and optimize your landing pages, and how to create forms that people will complete.

Introduction to Landing Pages


This eight-part course will teach you how to create and test high-converting landing pages.

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The ABCs of A/B Testing


Testing is essential for improving digital marketing campaigns and is often the best way to uncover the perfect combination of factors to boost the performance of campaigns and improve your ROI. Our eBook will give you the ABCs of A/B testing so you can start testing and optimizing emails and landing pages for better conversions.

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Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine


Today’s buyer has virtually unlimited access to information. They have the power to find and discover products at their own pace, and direct their own paths to purchase. They do this mostly online. This means that your website has become your single most important marketing asset.

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Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Building a Holistic Marketing Strategy

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Organizations that practice a holistic approach to marketing can reap big benefits: According to Aberdeen Research, 65% of best-in-class B2B marketers integrate their email and social media campaigns, compared to an industry average of just 51%. And combining email with social media is just one integrated marketing tactic among many!

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Act-On Anywhere


Get the power of Act-On Marketing Automation across multiple browser-based applications with Act-On Anywhere.

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Act-On Anywhere Catalog of Integration Options


Discover just a few of the many different browser-based applications you can use while accessing Act-On Anywhere.

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Forms & Landing Pages


Act-On automatically builds database tables to hold the form data, and processing logic to collect the form data. Your form can be ready to go in minutes.

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Case Studies


Flycast Partners provides IT Service Management consulting and implementation services to organizations across North America, and is a premier reseller for BMC Software. With its focused sales team using the Act-On platform for the past year, fast-growing Flycast has equaled or exceeded the sales of larger resellers, rocketing to excellence in a mere 12 months. The company has exceeded its sales goals by 10 fold.

Mede Analytics

We looked at other marketing automation systems and I felt they were too complicated; I wanted to keep it simple so we could get up and running quickly. The beauty of Act-On is that it is simple to use without sacrificing breadth and depth of functionality.


SupplyFrame wanted to go beyond the basics in its email marketing, but without having to swallow a lot of complexity. They implemented Act-On; what took previously took a day now takes an hour. They began using additional features such as list management, website analytics, and landing pages. The sales team benefits too; the behavior scoring, integrated with Salesforce, gives insight into prospects’ needs.

UP! Your Service

“In the year before we began using Act-On, we sent three newsletters. Now we send one a week. It’s easy; I can set up and send a targeted newsletter in about ten minutes. I can track results by campaign and by segment, so I know what works and what doesn’t.” —Shyam Kumar, Up! Your Service