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Automation Essentials: Lead Engagement

Attracting, nurturing, and converting leads into customers is hard work! In this segment of Automation Essentials, you’ll learn everything you need to nurture unknown prospects into promising leads and drive sales revenue for your organization.

Please join Jenn Bader (Senior Marketing Strategist) and Kristin Foster (Events Manager) as we explore the foundations, tactics, and nuances of powerful and sustainable marketing automation strategies.

We will be airing these on the same day at two different times:

US/Canada - February 26th at 11am PST
EMEA - February 26th at 2pm GMT

Simplify Insurance Renewals

Learn how a few tweaks to your email marketing can simplify insurance renewals.

Please join Goose Digital's Jen Pugsley (Director, Client Services), Mark Finnegan (Digital Marketing Manager), and Sarah Moore from Act-On Software to learn about automating renewal processes and communications for both personal and commercial insurance lines.

Email marketing is a great way to relieve your team of administrative work while ensuring customers receive notices about their upcoming renewals in a timely and consistent fashion. It also enables your brokers to prioritize customers who are ready to discuss their renewal options now.

March 4th at 2PM EST