Our Mission

To Empower Marketers To Do The Best Work Of Their Careers

Our products

At Act-On, we love marketing as much as you do. We are a marketing automation company with a passion for helping you, the marketer, do the best work of your career. As a mark of our innovation, we created the only workspace that powers the customer experience from end-to-end. From brand awareness and demand generation, to retention and loyalty, our technology enables all marketers to drive better business outcomes. Our platform is built with powerful capabilities to help you deliver results quickly - without the need for a dedicated IT resource. Every marketer has a great campaign inside of them – let’s work together to launch it to the world. It’s time to Act-On! Take our video tour to see Act-On in action.

See our award-winning marketing automation platform in action.

Our story

In 2008, we founded Act-On with big ambitions of our own. We saw a massive change in the way people were approaching buying decisions (i.e., the new “buyer’s journey”) and a corresponding need for marketers to better engage and interact with prospects online. We also saw an opportunity for marketers to use technology to directly drive business.

We built Act-On for the 21st century marketer: We made it simple to operate, but powerful in generating results; elegant in its user experience, yet comprehensive in its functionality; effective out-of the box, yet extensive in its ability to integrate.

Today, marketing and sales teams at over 4,800 companies use Act-On to drive their business.

Our values

Simplicity, attention to detail, and accountability are the core values that drive everything we do at Act-On.

We find simple solutions to complex problems; we build straightforward, user-friendly applications; and we ensure that we’re easy to do business with.

We know that paying scrupulous attention to detail builds a robust, resilient business – and truly delights our customers.

And finally, we prize accountability. At Act-On we are accountable to each other as we work to build a great company; and we are accountable to you, our customers and partners, as we strive to empower your success.

Our people

We’ve been the fastest growing company in the field of marketing automation for four years in a row. It’s because our employees have innovated the best solution in marketing automation – period.

We’re rated among the best SaaS companies in customer satisfaction. It’s because our employees listen and are dedicated to our customers’ success.

We use our product every day; we run our entire company on Act-On. Our employees live the experience of our customers.

We hire people who share our values, are passionate about making a contribution, and live to learn. Might that be you? Find out about job openings at Act-On.

2016 - New frontiers.

Initiated a Rethink Marketing
[Automation] campaign - new
use cases for brand, demand
& expand. More than 4,800
customers. 2x a leader in
Forester Wave for L2RM. 4x a
winner - Deloitte Fast 500.

2015 - Outer space.

Grew customer base to over
3,500. 3x a winner - Deloitte Fast 500.

2014 Defying gravity.

Recognized as a leader
in Forrester Wave for L2RM.
2x a winner - Inc. 500, Deloitte
Fast 500. 2500 customers, 500 partners.

2013 - An air of destiny.

Officially one of America's fastest-growing companies.
Recognition from Forbes, Inc. 500, Deloitte Fast 500.

2012 - Sky's the limit.

Revenue grows another 3x
from 2011. More than 1,000
customers. 100 employees

2011 - A star rises.

Revenue grows 3x from 2010.
500 customers, 75 employees.

2010 - A star is born.

Commercial Traction expands
with over 100 customers.
Venture Capitalists take notice.

2009 - A rocket is launched.

First commercial product
released. 35 customers and
9 employees

2008 - A plan is hatched.

Act-On is founded to help
marketers drive business.