Rethink Marketing [Automation]

Finally, a marketing automation platform built to help you deliver an outstanding experience for your customers. From brand awareness and demand generation, to retention and loyalty, our technology enables marketers to stand out from the competition and drive better results.

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At Act-On, we love marketing as much as you do. We’re a marketing automation company with a passion for helping you, the marketer, do the best work of your career. Our platform is built with powerful capabilities to help you deliver results quickly - without the need for a dedicated IT resource.

Build Your Brand

  • Track influencer & press activity

  • Measure traffic from press releases

  • Deliver consistent internal communications

  • Manage brand identity

  • Promote company events



  • Build & optimize campaigns

  • Generate leads

  • Score & prioritize prospects

  • Nurture leads into customers

  • Easily integrate with your CRM



  • Onboard new customers

  • Increase product adoption

  • Drive upsell & cross-sell

  • Nurture customers & increase retention

  • Score & identify brand advocates


Research Report: Rethink Marketing [Automation]

There’s a lot more to marketing than acquiring new customers. Learn how marketing leaders allocate resources across brand marketing, demand generation, and customer marketing. Get tips on how to leverage marketing automation for success.



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Act-On’s integrated approach to marketing automation gives you all the functionality you want in an accessible, simple-to-use workspace. Our user-friendly platform puts powerful marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Every marketer has a great campaign inside of them – let’s work together to launch it to the world. It’s time to Act-On!