The New Rules of Digital Engagement

The New Rules of Digital Engagement
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Gleanster Research analyzed marketing performance in 2012, and determined Top Performers (the top quartile) by 12-month changes in revenue, lead-to-sales ratio, and number-of-customers growth. Top Performers have markedly different strategies from Everyone Else; this paper tells you what they are and how you can incorporate winning tactics into your own marketing mix.


Top Performing organizations are 4x more likely to invest in marketing automation tools than Everyone Else. Top Performers use marketing automation to automate relevant and timely engagement and meet today’s exceedingly high expectations for personalization among decision makers... Diminishing returns on generic messaging and batch-and-blast campaigns often form the basis for justifying marketing automation investments. Some organizations reported click-through rates on mass email campaigns as low as 0.3 to 0.5 percent.
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