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Marketing Automation Industry Overview
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Imagine being able to capture, synthesize and act on a wealth of digital activity that is invisible to your organization today. With the right marketing automation tools - enabling the right customer acquisition processes - you will create more interactions, engage more prospects, qualify more leads, and feed more "sales ready" leads directly to your sales team.


Today, the buyer controls the process. They Google a company or its products, or respond to an email campaign or a social media message, and quickly find information on a website or landing page or, perhaps, a LinkedIn page, a published article or white paper. They show their interest by interacting digitally. They sign up for a newsletter, sign up for a webinar, download a document, or just browse a website. They may spend just a few seconds, then leave, or perhaps stay longer - reading a blog or checking out pricing.

What if you had the ability to uncover these hidden digital interactions? What if you could capture and synthesize these interactions in a meaningful way and use this intelligence to direct relevant and customized content to a prospect?

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