Act-On Overview

"5 stars all around for the product, and if I could give 6 stars for the Customer Success team I would! Absolutely unmatched customer support." Jay Alsup, about Act-On
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No Mumbo Jumbo

That includes BS, jargon, yip-yap, claptrap, and gobbledgook. Ever.

No Complicated Implementation

Just connect your database and start marketing and generating leads. In about an hour. (Yes it's really that quick and easy.)

No Duplicate Databases

Act-On integrates with multiple CRM systems, so all of your data stays where it should be: in one place.


The Act-On Ecosystem

Our Platform

Integrated technologies that optimize your customer's cross-channel journey

Act-On Inbound

Amplifies your strategy and attracts qualified prospects to you

Center of Excellence

Insight and answers to help you become a better marketer

Partner Exchange

Long-term support to maximize your business growth

Developer Network

Integrate with Act-On and expand your project portfolio

No Out-of-Control Costs

We're in the cloud. So we'll handle the IT, you handle the marketing. And with our simple pricing plans, you're always in control of your spending.

No Training Fees

Support and training are part of the package. From real people. For as long as you need or want it.

No Long-Term Contracts

Unless you really want one. It's up to you.

No Risk

We know the choice to keep us - or fire us - every month is yours. Our goal is to continually earn your business. Every month.

A Cloud-Based Platform Designed for Marketers

Act-On marketing automation delivers full functionality without complexity, putting first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips to make your campaigns and programs easier. Faster

Act-On Platform Nuts & Bolts How You Benefit
Instant-On™ Database Easily manage your lists, run targeted campaigns, and keep the funnel full, all without tapping your IT resources. Turnkey integration with the most popular CRM systems - Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and more - keeps sales and marketing aligned.
Email Marketing Engine Intuitive, powerful, and robust, our email engine drives your hardest-working marketing tool, no HTML knowledge necessary. Create, test, deploy, measure, target, personalize, trigger, nurture, score. (And that's just a partial list.)
Automated Programs Set up strategic campaigns to run at the right cadence and frequency … automatically. Automation removes repetition, reduces error, and increases efficiency. So you have more time to manage all the new leads you're getting.
Lead Scoring Two words: increased revenue. Lead scoring dramatically increases your ability to engage prospects, qualify leads, and pursue those who are sales-ready.
Website Visitor Tracking Learn who is visiting your website and why - including where they came from, what pages they've visited, and what information they've consumed - so you can optimize your strategies, messages, and campaigns.
Landing Pages and Forms From email and social media campaigns to display ads and QR codes, create campaign continuity with professional pages and forms that are easy to build, quick to deploy, and will give your conversion a significant boost.
Social Marketing Align your social media strategies and tactics with your other channels, so your messaging is amplified and your branding is consistently reinforced wherever prospects may find you.
Mobile Marketing Use the Act-On Mobile app for anytime, anywhere access to your campaign performance dashboard from Android and iPhone devices.
Analytics and Reports Real-time campaign results and deeper-dive analysis help you make informed decisions, from small campaign tweaks to business-critical course corrections.