Automated Programs

Automated Programs

Automated Programs

  • Deliver key messages and valuable content based on a prospect's attributes and behavior.
  • Cultivate your leads with an automated drip program until they're ready for sales.
  • Improve usage and adoption during free trial periods to increase conversion.
  • Create end-to-end invitations and reminders for your webinars and events.

Act-On's automated programs are a great way to replicate your most successful marketing campaigns and have them running 24x7 on auto-pilot. Use Act-On to create efficient multi-step marketing programs that embody your marketing best practices.

Simple. Easy. Automated.

Setting up an automated program is easy. There is no need for any type of coding, or flowcharts with lines and boxes. Just use Act-On's drag-and-drop program editor to create the sequence of steps that make up your program, for example:

  • Send e-mail message
  • Wait for a specific amounts of time
  • Move prospect to other programs

Each step can contain multiple conditional actions, with each action having a set of conditions that determine whether or not it is executed. The conditions are based on the prospect's attributes as well as past response behaviors.

Automated Programs

Drip Marketing

Engage your prospects via a series of e-mail messages, delivered at scheduled intervals, until they exhibit response behaviors that qualify them for sales. Make the dialog targeted and relevant by tuning the message delivered at each stage based on the prospect's attributes (such as industry, title, or company) as well as that prospect's responses to past campaigns.

The Act-On platform automatically tracks all responses as prospects respond to your "drip" campaigns by clicking through, downloading white papers, submitting forms or forwarding your campaign messages. Prospects who are deemed ready for sales (because they now fall into specific behavioral segments or have passed score thresholds) can be pushed back to automatically.


In Act-On programs are associated with specific lists or segments. Once a program is activated, prospects enter it automatically when they are added to that list (or fall into that segment). This can happen in many ways and for many reasons. Some examples:

  • When a prospect fills out a form, the data could get added to a list with an associated program.
  • Updating a prospect's profile could move it into a segment with an associated program.
  • Sales can disqualify a prospect and move it into a segment with a nurturing program.
  • A program step can move a prospect from one list to another one with a different program

Start off with a "drip" program consisting of a simple sequence of messages and layer in more complex logic as you get more comfortable. Ultimately, Act-On will grow with your needs and requirements, allowing you to develop multiple programs and move prospects between them based on reactions to past messages.

Free Trials

Improve conversion rates for your free trials by sending a series of helpful and informative messages during the trial period, with the final message containing a call-to-action to convert to a paid account. Move prospects who convert in the interim to a separate new customer welcome program.

Events & Webinars

Set up end-to-end programs for your webinars and events by sending promotional messages to all your relevant prospects. Send "Last Chance" messages to prospects who do not respond, and reminders just before your event to people who did register. After the event, send "Thank You!" messages to people who attended, and "Sorry We Missed You!" messages to people who registered but did not attend.

Take advantage of our WebEx integration to instantly connect with your WebEx Event Center account to create a more compelling and effective experience around your online events. Promote your events via multiple e-mail campaigns and web ad campaigns, then track the relative effectiveness of your various promotional channels. At the conclusion of your event, Act-On automatically pulls the actual attendance data from WebEx, and allows you to use this information to create different segments for appropriate follow-up