Find Leads in Anonymous Visitors to Your Website

A large percentage of visitors to your website are anonymous. In the Website Visitor Tracking feature, Act-On gives you information about these visitors, so you can determine whether they're potential high-value prospects and pursue engagement. You can sort these visitors alphabetically, by the time of last visit, or by the number of visits.

Anonymous visitor data you can see
  • What keywords they used to find your website
  • How many pages they looked at
  • Which pages they looked at

You can filter your view based on countries, states and area codes.

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Find out who anonymous visitors are

Act-On makes these visitors much less anonymous by using the IP address to find the name and address of the organization that owns that IP address. Next, you can use integrated information sources to search for individuals' contact information:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google

The integration lets you drill down into company data, and search for names by title or department. If you have a account and purchase contact data, Act-On will manage the transaction for you.

Act-On's website visitor tracking also has data integration that helps you drill down using, Google and LinkedIn to research promising visitors.

As a Marketing Admin user, you can filter the visitors that your users see by clicking More at the top of the Website Visitors page, and selecting Visitor Report Content Settings. Each Marketing or Sales User in your account can set their own filters as well. For any users that choose not to set filters, they will see all anonymous visitors that come to your site.

To set filters, click the ----all---- text that appears next to each user's name. Choose to filter their view based on countries, states and area codes. You can also choose the drop-down option that will let you see all visitors not being viewed by anyone else.