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Generate Leads with Website Visitor Tracking

Get the most from your investment in your website with website visitor tracking. See who visits your site and what they're looking for. Go beyond page views and unique visitor statistics provided by traditional website analysis tools to get real marketing and sales intelligence to boost your sales.

Who's visiting your website?

  • Determine the companies visiting your site before they even fill out a form. Use the Anonymous visitors feature to target likely prospects at those companies

What brought them to your site?

  • Understand which campaigns brought visitors to your site so you can optimize your marketing efforts and focus on higher performing campaigns
  • Gain intelligence on what each of your prospects is looking for, and share this information with sales
Generate Leads with Website Visitor Tracking
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Set alerts so you know when a specific visitor is on the site

Set up alerts in broad categories, so you can track people who are from specific states and/or visit specific pages. Both marketing and sales users can set alerts to be notified when someone specific is on the site. Imagine knowing that the person you're doing a demo for tomorrow is on your site today...and knowing in advance what they're looking for.

Set alerts so you know when a specific visitor is on the site

This is not website analytics

Act-On's website visitor tracking feature and website analytics are complementary capabilities that achieve different objectives. Rather than website performance or overall trends, Act-On's focus is on generating actionable customer intelligence from individuals visiting your website, with the goal of generating highly qualified leads.