Lead Scoring

Lead scoring – "the process of adding and subtracting points to a lead's value over time based on various lead attributes or demographics, and behaviors," according to MarketingSherpa – is impractical to do by hand, but marketing automation makes it possible and powerful.

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Develop lead scoring criteria by knowing your buyers, and
their journey

Your best buyers usually fit certain profile characteristics and follow certain steps on the path through the funnel. Marketing and sales should work together to determine what those characteristics and steps are, and assign point values for each. Marketing automation then profiles your prospects and tracks their actions, automatically assigning lead scoring values to determine sales-readiness.

Information you gather

  • Demographic/firmographic: What individual traits define your ideal customer? This may include a lead's job title and department, as well as their company's size, revenue and industry focus.
  • Behavioral: What sort of “online body language” does a prospect exhibit? Examples include website visits, responses to email offers, marketing content downloads, and a willingness to complete online registration forms.

Two ways to gather information

  • Explicit: This is data that a prospect gives you (e.g. their job title) or that you can gather directly (e.g. an IP address).
  • Implicit: This is data that you gather by observation (e.g. which website pages they visit) or by analyzing explicit data sources (e.g. linking an IP address to a particular company).
Lead Scoring Rules

Act-On helps you gather and score data

All the tools in the Act-On platform work together to contribute to aggregate lead scoring.

  • Email: Assign scores to actions such as opens, clickthroughs and forwards
  • Forms: Assign scores for form views and submits
  • Landing pages: Assign scores to visits and clickthroughs
  • Website visitor tracking: Assign scores for number of pages visited, visits to specific "high value" pages (e.g., a pricing page), content downloads, etc.
  • Webinars: Assign scores to registrations, webinar attendance, number of webinars attended, and more
  • Custom events: Assign scores to offline activities such as trade shows

You can set Act-On to deliver prospects with composite lead scores exceeding the threshold score for readiness and interest to sales automatically.