Drip and Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing

Online marketing makes it possible to use automated programs such as drip marketing and lead nurturing to do part of your lead cultivation. Automated programs are easy to set up, and they're a reliable way to replicate your most successful marketing campaigns and run them with less resource and effort.

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Drip email marketing programs

Drip email marketing campaigns engage your prospects and customers with a series of email messages delivered at scheduled intervals. Over time, as people respond, you'll learn more about their needs and interests. “Weekly Special” programs and onboarding programs are often drip marketing programs.

Nurture email marketing programs

Nurture email marketing campaigns are a type of drip marketing program that takes undecided prospects along an educational path, keeping your brand top of mind until the prospect becomes sales-ready. SiriusDecisions' research shows that 80% of marketing-generated leads that are disqualified by sales will probably buy from someone within 24 months; nurturing helps you remain in consideration.

Best practice: drip email marketing for free trials

  • Improve conversion rates for your free trials by sending a series of helpful and informative drip email messages during the trial period
  • The final message should contain an "Ending Soon" call-to-action to convert to a paid account
  • Move prospects who convert in the interim to a separate new customer welcome drip marketing program

Best practice: Use drip email marketing for events & webinars

  • Send promotional email messages to encourage registration
  • Acknowledge registration with a "Thank You for Registering"
  • Send event access information (if separate from the "Thank You for Registering")
  • Send a reminder
  • Send attendees "Thank You for Attending!" emails
  • Send those who didn’t attend “Sorry We Missed You!" messages and offer another webinar, or a link to a recording of the one they missed