Lead Management

Develop your prospects by engaging, nurturing, and qualifying leads. Then you can provide the right offer at the right time, for the right product or service, and increase your sales. Every aspect of the Act-On platform contributes to lead generation and management. Act-On lets you employ powerful lead management techniques – without the steep learning curve that hobbles most marketers using other systems

  • Start marketing campaigns to your existing lists by simply importing them using Act-On's list management tools
  • Nurture your leads to bring them along the buyer's journey
  • Use a lead scoring system to identify and prioritize sales-ready leads based on points scored for demographic/firmographic data and behavioral touch points including email, website, events and social media
  • Refine your communication with prospects as you learn more about them using segmentation and dynamic content
  • Communicate regularly with prospects using automated drip marketing campaigns and trigger marketing campaigns based on interests and actions
  • Increase sales revenue and reduce cost of sale by passing qualified leads to sales
lead management
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