Use Forms for Lead Generation

In online marketing, web forms function as input templates in which a prospect provides contact information, usually in trade for something of value, such as a free webinar or literature download.

Forms are the unsung heroes, the trusty workhorses of your online marketing system. You can use them in many ways:

  • Create forms for registrations, surveys, and more
  • Put links in online ads to capture new leads
  • Put links in emails for webinar registration or surveys
  • Post forms on your website that trigger document downloads, automatic response emails, and alerts to salespeople
  • Link form fields to lead scoring, so that important data is included in lead profiles and in CRM contacts
  • Link to eCommerce with a single click
  • Use progressive profiling to build trust relationships with prospects
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Creating forms is very easy

Use the form-specific Smart Content Blocks to create data fields in forms, such as:

  • Radio boxes or check boxes
  • Password confirmation and other value confirmation fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Captcha fields
  • ...and much more

Captured data goes into prospect profiles

Act-On automatically builds signup lists that capture data input and copy it to individual prospect profiles in the marketing and CRM databases. You can also map lead scoring to form fields, so that leads are scored dynamically.

eCommerce enabled forms

Use your Act-On forms to securely collect credit card payments for your events, webinars, e-books and more. Just add your PayPal, FirstData, or account information to your Act-On form and you’re good to go.