Instant-On™ Database Makes List Management Easy

Database marketing can be difficult and confusing. The Instant-On database simplifies it, so you don't have to get help from a database administrator to manage lists and run targeted campaigns. And Act-On integrates with the five most popular CRM applications, so marketing and sales can be on the same page at the same time.

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Import a list in two easy steps

Because Act-On's deceptively simple database supports list segmentation by so many factors, and it's so easy to build emails using with dynamic content and personalization, you can create tightly targeted, highly relevant email campaigns with ease. Take full advantage of:

  1. Just upload your Excel or CSV files, or import leads, prospects or campaign members directly from your CRM account
  2. Manage your field names. Match the standard field names you've defined, retain the field names contained in your uploaded list, or create entirely new field names as you choose

Act-On's Instant-On database tracks every action, for every prospect

Every outbound or inbound touch is captured and stored in a unique profile in the Instant-On database, such as:

  • Messages sent
  • Responses to message
  • Form views and submissions
  • Website visits
  • Webinar attendance
  • Content downloaded
  • More...

You can also apply lead scoring to help sales prioritize leads, and list segmentation to help personalize campaigns.

CRM integration: synchronize your Act-On marketing database with your CRM database

You can sync your entire Act-On marketing database with your CRM database, or only chosen prospects, such as those whose lead scores have passed a threshold. Whatever the subset you select, Act-On will keep this subset in sync and up-to-date.