Email Marketing

Optimizing your email marketing messages and campaigns is one of the most effective things you can do to supercharge your lead generation campaigns and generate higher-quality leads. Act-On provides everything you need to easily and quickly create, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns.

Act-On Email Marketing
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Pick the right list and send email with confidence

Because Act-On's deceptively simple database supports list segmentation by so many factors, and it's so easy to build emails using dynamic content and personalization, you can create tightly targeted, highly relevant email campaigns with ease.

Take full advantage of:

  • Attributes, such as location, title, responsibility, industry
  • Behaviors, such as download a white paper, visited a pricing page, attended a webinar
Pick the right list and send email with confidence

Go beyond email marketing with marketing automation

Email marketing's power increases measurably when you combine it with marketing automation, and it becomes an integrated support tool for your other initiatives. Act-On's platform helps you:

  • Build nurture email programs to educate prospects as they progress through the buyer's journey.
  • Build trigger email programs that acknowledge prospects' actions. According to the DMA, trigger emails score 119% higher click rates than "business as usual" messages.
  • Build drip email programs to automate scheduled emails over time (such as a Free Trial series).
  • Use email to promote and manage webinar attendance, and automate email webinar follow-up from a single platform with complete ease.
  • Use dynamic content to increase the relevancy and personalization of your campaigns.
Go beyond email marketing with marketing automation