Promotion Marketing Plan

2013's Best Opportunities Will Come Through Digital Engagement

Gleanster Research has just issued "The New Rules of Digital Engagement," a report offering solid advice assembling a promotion marketing plan. Among the findings:

  • Online marketing rocks. Top performers ranked online marketing channels as a top source of competitive advantage in the promotion marketing plan.
  • Marketing automation sets you up for success. Top performers are more likely to invest in marketing automation than others.

How to create a winning promotion marketing plan:

  • Engage. Relevant, timely, personalized engagement. One example would be a trigger email that launches in response to an inquiry or purchase. Only 23% of survey respondents report using trigger emails, so this is one strategy to take you to the head of the class sooner.
  • Segment. Move away from broad and unfocused blasting. Some organizations report click-through on batch blasts as low as 0.3-0.5%. Your prospects now expect your messaging to relate to their specific needs.
  • Start simply. Don't over-engineer the implementation process when adopting a marketing automation tool. Limit configuration and customization so you can get moving and get momentum quickly.
  • Know your prospects. Centralize your data so that your CRM is the core system of record for customer data. With crucial data in one location, you can get a three-dimensional (who, what, when) profile of prospects, and then engage with them based on their scored sales-readiness, behavior, and preferences.
  • Get the numbers, and let data drive strategic decisions for your promotion marketing plan.

The new four Cs in a modern promotion marketing plan

Along with the traditional four Ps of marketing (product, pricing, place [distribution], promotion), make room for the four Cs in your promotion marketing plan:

  • Content. You must have it and know how to use it.
  • Context. Align your content to the customer's journey.
  • Connection. Again – be relevant and personal.
  • Conversation. Particularly with social media, you should make the most of your chances to engage and interact.
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