Marketing Strategy Plan

A Marketing Strategy for Implementing Marketing Automation

If you're struggling with a marketing strategy plan, welcome to the club.  All of us are waiting for that killer app that just figures it out and publishes it at the press of a button.

In the meantime, here's a very smart addition to your marketing strategy plan:  implement marketing automation, which replaces manual processes and point computer-based solutions with a single, integrated system. If you're like most busy marketers, you've probably looked at marketing automation technology and thought, "This looks awesome, but I have so much going on right now. How would I ever find time to implement a marketing automation system? And I just can't afford to bring all my marketing strategy plans to a full stop while we put something in place that could take a long time to ramp up."

Act-On is designed precisely to help you with that kind of challenge! Integrating marketing automation into a marketing strategy plan does require some careful planning and forethought, but the good news is that you can do it slowly and incrementally.

These are steps that your marketing strategy plan should have no trouble supporting:

Step 1: Pick a system that's easy to deploy and easy to measure.  It should allow you to execute your marketing strategy plan and not force you into new processes that are poorly suited for your business.

Step 2:  Start by duplicating existing marketing programs. At the start, choose a few that are relatively simple and small.

Step 3: Try to identify improvements you'd like to see in those plans.  Look for features in your marketing automation plan that would support such improvements.

Step 4: Measure the results against your own marketing strategy plan.

Step 5: Implement the more complicated marketing automation features, such as lead scoring, process improvements, behavior-driven nurture programs, and revenue analysis.

Step 6: Keep moving forward. As you continue to integrate marketing automation tools, marketing automation will become a natural and essential part of your marketing strategy plan.

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