Marketing Strategy Outline

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

A strong content marketing strategy meets the needs of prospective buyers at every stage of  their purchasing journey. You establishing and nurturing a relationship that you hope will result in a sale.

Here's a content marketing strategy outline that we think makes sense.

1. Secure executive sponsorship

If you don't have complete executive and stakeholder sponsorship, your content marketing strategy can't be successful. Make sure you set appropriate expectations about when sponsor can expect to see results, and in what form.

2. Understand your customer to target your content marketing efforts

Start by mapping your sales cycle to the buying cycle.

The best content marketing programs in the market today focus on customer problems and needs. It's Segmentation 101.

Customer personas are great models that have been proven repeatedly. Use them.

3. Create an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is your execution plan. Make sure everyone you work with is accountable for it.

4. Repurpose your content

Videos, slide shows, transcripts, PDFs, blog posts, landing pages ... You know the drill.

5. Develop processes for measuring and reporting

There are two basic types of metrics. One type helps you to monitor and refine your processes. The other type is for management reporting that demonstrates the value you are adding to the company, ESPECIALLY to the bottom line. Don't confuse them and consider your audience when choosing what to share.

6. Develop an array of content across multiple channels

Print and text content is great, but we're in the 21st century and people communicate and obtain information from many different sources (especially social media). Find out how your customers like to receive their information and learn where they hang out. Spread your content efforts around as appropriate.

7. Don't just create content, curate it as well

You don't have a monopoly on great content for your customers and prospects, nor should you. There's enormous value in not only producing original content, but curating "best of" content from across the Web. None of us have enough time to read all the sources of great content at our disposal today—magazines, newsletters, blog feeds, etc. If you serve as an editor for your followers, someone who reads more of the great content and filters the "best of the best" into your platforms, that alone can drive significant following and loyalty.

In Closing

A good content marketing strategy delivers high-quality, relevant, and valuable information to prospects and also drives profitable consumer action. In addition, a strategic content marketing campaign can bolster your search engine optimization and brand positioning. Your company can't afford to be doing it the wrong way, or not doing it at all.

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