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6 Tips for Productive Prospecting

Sometimes your funnel just isn't full enough and your opportunities are a little too lean. Your Internet marketing products may not be yielding everything you need or want. The marketing team is running flat out, but you just need a little more. It's time to unearth some new opportunities … it's time to pick up that phone and go prospecting. Here are six ways to make prospecting productive with Internet marketing products:

  1. Know your best customers, the ones you want to replicate. Know why they bought your product (ask them if you have to) and be able to articulate this succinctly.
  2. Be real. Prospecting dialogues are too short for idle chit-chat. People can sniff it out immediately. Get to the point fast.
  3. Focus. Schedule time to prospect, and during that time, do nothing else but prospect.
  4. Organize your call list to have similar profile contacts (industry or vertical, C level, upsell). You'll develop a talk track rhythm.
  5. If something works more than once, do it over ... and over and over until it stops working, then do it a few more times.
  6. Never argue. If someone is annoyed, apologize for bothering them, note the record or opt them out, and move on.

Exploit your Internet marketing products to the fullest by following these tips.

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