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Live events are a critical part of any event lead generation plan. Whether you're planning digital events such as webinars or in-person events such as conferences and trade shows, your company can expect to benefit from increased sales, higher brand awareness, and a better understanding of your products and services. 80% of companies say that event lead generation is important - and more than 40% consider it critical.

Today's marketers know just how important event lead generation can be: According to a recent Event Marketing Institute study, event budgets will grow twice as quickly during 2012 as they did the year before. Among respondents to the study, more than 80% agreed that event lead generation is important to their organizations - and more than 40% consider it critical.

It can be difficult to measure live event lead generation ROI, as suggested by the fact that 47% of companies selected "not applicable" when asked to provide their event ROI ratio.

Whether you're planning webinars, in-person conferences or other types of live events, the right approach to data management and marketing automation can eliminate these problems and maximize your event ROI. Here are some guidelines for taking an automated, data-driven approach to your event lead generation plans.

Establish your event lead generation marketing goals. Whether you're planning a webinar for 500 attendees or an executive dinner for a dozen, you need to start with a clear picture of what you'd like to get at the end of the process. Some examples of specific event marketing goals include:

  • Generating qualified leads. This is a common objective for webinars and trade shows, where registration data can provide important indicators about buying intent;
  • Identifying key decision-makers. Small-scale, in-person panel discussions, dinners and other events can build rapport with C-level executives who are often hard to reach by other means;
  • Building brand awareness or thought leadership. These "soft" event marketing goals are often very useful - although it can be challenging to measure ROI from such events.
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