Direct Response Media

Why Social Media is a Good Choice

Social media is still a puzzle for many of us. It's relatively new, it's evolving rapidly, and it generates a lot of noise. Is it the best choice among the options for direct response media? You can gain customers through social media when you hone your ability to attract attention and encourage readers to share your messaging with their social networks.

Choose social from all the direct response media options and remember the following:

  1. Use social media to create customers.
  2. Build a social media fan base.
  3. Create engagement that leads to two-way conversations and sales. We all talk about engagement, but you need to find out how to do it appropriate with direct response media.
  4. Deploy videos to build trust.
  5. Nurture brand advocates who'll help sell your products and services.
  6. Deliver the customer service your customers want in direct response media.
  7. Put a face on the nameless, faceless corporate entity.
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