Creative Lead Generation

Improve Lead Generation Results

When it comes to creative lead generation, there's one thing that every business professional can agree on: high quality leads are important. Here are some creative lead generation tips to improve both the quality and quantity of leads you produce.

  1. Identify Your Buyer
    Know your ideal buyer's characteristics is important. This discovery process should also involve sales, as it's critical to successful demand gen to align with sales about who is the buyer to target and when that person is ready to be passed to sales.
  2. Understand Your Buyer
    More than just identifying your buyer's demographics, you also need to understand particular nuances of their personas. You need to know what motivates your buyer, what their pain points are, how they like to be communicated with, and where they get their information. Formalizing all this into a buyer persona you can target is a great way to standardize all your programs.
  3. Create a Marketing Database and Keep it as Accurate as Possible
    Databases decay at rate of at least 2-3% per month. For that reason, your company needs to put a formal process in place for staying on top of your data. It's important to take the time to understand the current state of your company's database, how much better it could be, and the cost to get there. Knowing these things will help you determine the ROI of improving your existing database.
  4. Understand the Buyer's Journey and Map Content Accordingly
    If possible, talk to your customers about their buying process. Once you understand the buyer's journey and how they prefer to receive information, you can begin to map out the journey, take inventory of the assets you have, and line those assets up against the buyer's journey. This will allow you to identify where gaps in your content exist.
  5. Create Relevant Content
    Sending the right content to the right people in the way that they want to receive it is critical to success. A lot of content exists in the world today, but most of it isn't going to have meaning for your buyer. As a result, it's essential to differentiate your company as a solution provider that knows what buyers want. Providing relevant content proves that point, and so it's critical.

Sometimes moving away from lead generation strategies can be challenging. You must continue to evaluate your creative lead generation strategy to determine what's working and what's not.

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