Business Lead Generation Services

How Will You Know If Lead Generation Services Are Right For You?

Purchasing business lead generation services from an agency can be challenging undertaking. You need to make sure that what they're providing meets your needs. To that end, understanding the basics of a business lead generation process is crucial. We want to share some thoughts about this before you take the plunge.

You must know your key target markets and understand your buyers. Some business-to-business lead generation services develop buyer personas as a guide. Your company's experts need to a thorough job of market segmentation by dissecting roles, titles, needs, and key triggers.

Understand the buyer's journey. Do you have a thorough understanding of the buyer's journey? If not, drop everything else and figure that out. Knowing that journey inside and underpins everything else you do and will help you figure what content you need for each stage of that journey.

Do a content audit. It's normal for sales and marketing to have different messaging; it's also typical for a company to be well-stocked with top-of-the-funnel material, but be lacking in later-stage content that maps to subsequent phases of the buyer's journey.

When you tell your story, what should it look like? If you're selling to designers, for example, your content should be highly visual. If you're selling to people who tend to be very busy, create short, easily-digestible content. If your buyers tend to use mobile devices, you should use content that works well on mobile.

Create content with scalability in mind. As you're creating content, keep in mind how you'll be able to use it in multiple places andturn one long piece into several quick, easily digestible parts. It's worth noting that in a content preferences survey, 48% of executives suggested that content be condensed and shortened; 45% suggested not overloading content with copy. "'Less dense' is a phrase we hear a lot," said Andrew. Use white space, callouts, graphics, charts, and sidebars to lighten copy. Make it easy to scan.

Many companies feel they don't have enough content, and correspondingly don't have the time to create it. One solution is to make sure you can use every piece you create in multiple ways.

It's important to track the impact on your content and know what people respond to. You'll start to see what the triggers are, and begin to understand your buyer's preferences better. It's also intelligence for your sales team; when they follow up, it's helpful if they know what content the prospect is interested in. They'll know which talk track to use to help the prospect get more educated on the issue.

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