Behavioral Target Marketing

Behavioral targeting, marketing, and you

Behavioral targeting describes a wide array of technologies and techniques, each of which help to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. These strategies work in concert to identify the web pages your company's customers visit, the links they click and, the searches they make. This give marketers a clear picture  of the prospects they address.

You might find behavioral targeting an appealing option in terms of outreach, but you should first determine whether it integrates well with your existing platform. 

Begin by evaluating your organization and existing processes. Revisit past marketing initiatives and the goals of your company, past budgets and staff figures, and decide if behavioral target marketing is worthwhile. If so, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the platform integrate with other programs already in use (e.g., CRM, webinar, social media)?
  • Does the platform automate common behavioral target marketing functions?
  • Can the platform track behavior, incorporate activities, and interact with campaigns and content in real time?
  • Can the platform respond automatically to prospect behavior (e.g. pages visited, scores attained) with targeted messages?
  • Can the platform do web page tracking and multiple domain tracking to fully support behavioral target marketing?
  • Does the platform capture visitor information automatically, then score and channel it into the correct database?
  • Does it have alerting capabilities, so that marketing and/or sales can be aware when specific visitors or companies are on the site?

If you answer a resounding YES to the questions above, then behavioral target marketing may just be your new brother-in-advertising-arms!

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