Dotcom Internet Marketing

Focus on Internet Content

Looking for key insights into dotcom Internet marketing? Here is some dotcom Internet marketing wisdom about content marketing we've gleaned through a lot of hard work in the trenches.

1. There is no silver bullet

There is no one perfect dashboard, system, process, or distribution plan for content that supports Internet marketing. Your organization has its own DNA, and you will need your own uniquesystem of communication. Your constellation of useful technologies should evolve on its own path.

2. Content for dotcom Internet marketing is the great equalizer

Large budgets don't always win; actually, the smaller players usually come out on top because they are agile and move more quickly than their larger competition.

3. You don't have to be on all platforms

Consider your own bandwidth as well as what your customers are using. Focus on your most productive channels, and don't add more unless you have the resources to execute well.

4. Subscribers rule

Speaking of what works for Content Marketing Institute as an entity, Joe writes: "We've found that once someone is a subscriber, they do different things than non-subscribers that lead to more revenue for us. Instead of converting from content to an immediate sales opportunity, we've found that converting from content to more content is the best way (for us)."

5. The smaller the niche the better, but being distinct is a must

Content marketing works best when you target a very specific group of people with a very specific story. The smaller the niche you choose, the better.

6. Dotcom Internet marketing works with not against other initiatives

Content marketing works best when it's conceived as an integral part of your dotcom Internet marketing initiatives, rather than having to function in isolation.

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