Approved Email Lists

The Challenges of List Management for Email Marketing

Act-On provides a great list management facility for assembling, consolidating and editing your prospect and customer lists. And high-quality, high-value email lists are the key to effective email campaigns. Poor lists yield poor results.

Sales teams that want to use approved email lists in Outlook can benefit from email templates created on the Act-On platform. Clicking on "Send via Act-On" button in Outlook means emails will be tracked by Act-On, which in turn means the sender will receive alerts when recipients click on the message.

Email remains the most potent, popular, and productive marketing tool, with the highest ROI ($40.56 for every $1 invested in 2011). Buyers say they prefer to receive promotional messages by email (77%). The Act-On web site has tips for building your approved email lists  and helps you decide when and how to buy a list.

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