Native Integration with all Major CRMs
From Leads to Revenue
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From Leads to Revenue

Good marketing is only the first part of the lead-to-revenue equation; the second part is effective sales. And to excel at both, your marketing and sales processes need to be integrated tightly, reinforcing and amplifying each other.

Act-On’s native integration with major CRM systems goes far beyond a simple "sync" of data. With Act-On, your sales and marketing teams not only share and manage the data, but align their workflows and measure results at each step – all the way from raw leads to closed revenue.

Got CRM?: Why You Need Marketing Automation, Too

CRM systems transform sales through organization; marketing automation completes the picture by generating leads and managing lead engagement. Learn how the systems complement each other, and why you need both.

Increase Sales Effectiveness

Act-On gives your sales team insight into your prospects, and the tools to effectively communicate with them. With the native integration, sales reps can tap into Act-On and its intelligence right in their sales dashboard – without ever needing to leave the CRM.

— With Act-On, you can —

Give sales insight.

Give sales insight

Act-On brings the engagement metrics of a prospect right to your sales team’s screens. When sales sees that prospect's activity, they know how to conduct that conversation.
Lead scores and Act-On triggers

Help sales prioritize

Lead scores and Act-On triggers will notify sales reps about hot prospects in real-time. Get daily lists of prioritized prospects.
Manage Your Leads

Make it easy for sales to stay in touch

Key Act-On functionality front and center in the CRM means it's fast and easy to use, making your CRM a better communication tool.

Help leads evolve to sales-readiness

Nurture leads

Nurture leads

Nurture leads through the buyer's journey, for stronger relationships and better business deals.
Deliver only sales-ready leads

Deliver only sales-ready leads

Act-On helps you see when those leads are sales-ready and get them to sales at the right time, along with the activity history that helps your sales reps build mutual understanding.
Help keep customers

Help keep customers

Retention and upsell matter more than ever. Sales never stops; neither should marketing.
When your CRM and marketing automation platforms are integrated, you can coordinate and correlate your sales and marketing efforts throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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