• Lead Nurturing

    Cultivate and Convert.

    Lead nurturing is the technique of communicating with prospects in a timed cadence to keep them engaged with your company and help them progress through the buyer’s journey. With Act-On’s simple drag and drop interface, you can create an automated program to manage the whole process and include both sales and marketing in the right steps. Cultivate your leads and increase conversion, with less time and effort.

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    "Act-On allows us to nurture buyers with multiple opportunities for engagement, as opposed to just a “show up and throw up” of our content and information."

    - Cody Ward, Marketing Manager, LearnPad
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  • Reports and Analytics

    Real-time results to help maximize ROI.

    Measure performance results in real time – from opens, clickthroughs, and bounces to website visits, form submissions, and sales. Dashboards and in-depth reports give you a clear picture of all key activities in the system. You can see individual or aggregate campaign performance, review website visitor information, compare your online presence against your competitors, deepen CRM analytics, and measure and maximize your ROI.

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    "With Act-On we can track, analyze, and act on the data that we've gathered based on the scoring and activity of our leads and current customers in our database."

    - Donna Lehmann, Director, Marketing Communications,
    First Insight Corporation
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  • Lead Scoring

    Score big or go home.

    Evaluate your leads and contacts dynamically, based on the attributes that matter: demographics, firmographics, web pages visited, degree of engagement, campaign levels and more. Act-On identifies those hot prospects automatically and empowers your sales team with a prioritized list that reveals buyers’ digital footprints. Score and rank them. See their email engagements, website visits, webinar attendance, contents downloaded, and much more.

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    "We haven't changed the way we acquire leads, but the process has become a lot less painful. Sales opportunities have increased significantly as a result of the timeliness of our contacts and ability to score leads."

    - Adam Bookman, Co-Founder and Partner, Propelics
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  • Email Marketing

    Build and launch in minutes.

    Point and click or drag and drop – Act-On’s hassle-free editor lets you quickly create emails and automated programs to supercharge your lead generation campaigns and garner higher quality leads. A/B testing helps you refine your emails to the most effective combination of messages, offers, and images. Simple enough for the novice; robust enough for the HTML guru. Create, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns with ease and power.

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    "What is apparent is the higher level of prospect interaction. We have higher click rates, higher download rates and higher direct response rates with Act-On."

    - Kate Gluck, Director of Marketing, NuGrowth
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  • Campaign Management

    The power of many in one.

    Act-On lets you make the most of powerful campaign management techniques – without the steep learning curve that hobbles marketers using many other systems. Lead nurturing, lead scoring, list management, dynamic content, automated programs, inbound marketing, CRM integration; these aren’t fancy marketing terms; they’re capabilities integrated into the Act-On platform so you can develop and accelerate your campaign management practices.

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    “There’s no way we could run campaigns like this – with these levels of nuance and complexity – without Act-On Software.”

    - Mary Alice LaPoint, President and Chief Strategist,
    To The Point Marketing
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  • List Management

    Simple management. Unlimited potential.

    Database marketing can be difficult, complicated, and confusing. Act-On’s Instant-On database simplifies it, so you don't need help from a database administrator to segment and manage your marketing lists so you can run targeted campaigns. And Act-On integrates with the five most popular CRM applications – so marketing and sales can be on the same page at the same time.

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    "Our emails are more relevant now, thanks to Act-On's segmentation capability and the automated process."

    - Steve Thielke, Marketing Specialist, Bradley Corp

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2000+ Customers and Counting

Act-On's customers are a true testament to the usability and scalability of the Act-On platform. They range from large companies with instantly recognizable names to very small companies; from high tech industries to decidedly low tech old line industries and include companies such as:

Since adopting Act-On for lead generation initiatives, Merchant Atlas has closed 88% of the opportunities created. The company also generated hundreds of new leads in Q4 alone, leveraging the Act-On marketing automation platform for email campaigns, web forms, visitor tracking, lead segmentation and social media publishing.

Our Focus Is Squarely On Making Our Customers Successful

Act-On cultivates a truly customer-centric culture, led by our Customer Success team and supported by every member of the company. Our integrated marketing platform is complemented by ever-evolving, best-in-class technologies for tracking and reporting, analysis, lead generation and nurturing, and more. Our success is driven by your satisfaction.

Why Choose Act-On?

Act-On Software's cloud-based integrated marketing platform helps smaller marketing teams succeed – without dedicated database maintenance, process analysis, or IT support. Our solutions include all the tools you need to automate your critical marketing tasks, build closer relationships with your prospects and customers, and see your results. And Act-On plays well with others, integrating seamlessly with the CRM and webinar management systems you're already using.

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